FEACO supports National Association members, since 1960

FEACO was formed in 1960 in Paris by the Dutch, French, German, Swedish and Swiss association.

The Italian association joined closely after, followed by the associations of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Spain, and finally the associations of Greece and Cyprus.

As of 1991, Central and Eastern European associations started to join beginning with Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic, followed by Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as Cyprus. The associations of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia joined only recently.

In principle FEACO recognises and accepts only one national association per country. From the beginning the main objectives of FEACO has been to provide support to its constituent National Association membership in those areas where a collective voice is stronger than the sum of its individual members and to provide a platform for active international networking between management consultancies associations, management consultancies and management consultancy Federations from other parts of the world as well as similar organisations on European level, with whom FEACO shares common interests.

The Federation has set out guidelines for professional and ethical conduct for the industry. These guidelines have been intergrated into the Codes of Conduct which the Member Associations' impose on their members.

In January 1991, FEACO established its operational office in Brussels to develop its relations with international institutions and the European Union, in order to directly defend the interests of management consultants in issues of importance to the industry.

Since January 2002, FEACO has the possibility to grant membership, in the form of affiliate membership, non-European management consultancy associations. The decision to extend membership to non European associations is the result of a new strategy which takes account of the ongoing globalisation process. The association of Hong Kong was the first non-European association to get accepted, as of January 2002, as an affiliate member.

FEACO member associations now represent more than 3000 management consultancy practices, of all sizes.


Please find here the list of all presidents of the Feaco.