Constantinus Award





FEACO promotes outstanding consulting projects


*** UPDATE: The next Constantinus Award is planned for 2022 ***

FEACO launched the Constantinus European Award for its member associations to promote excellence in consulting and IT-services. The dynamic branch of management consulting is an important sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs - especially, when precise expertise and efficient implementation of measures are in demand. "Naturally, the quality of the consulting sector relies heavily on the innovative strengths of the consultants themselves. This is why FEACO has initiated the Constantinus European Award in order to give a prominent stage to all the excellent accomplishments of the branch" Ezio Lattanzio, former Chairperson of FEACO, said.

The primary objective of establishing this award at the European level is the promotion of the consulting sector in general as well as of individual outstanding consulting projects not only nationally, but also in Europe. The Constantinus European Award should also serve as a platform for international cooperation in the field. For the nominees, this award will figure an important tool for strengthening the client-consultant-relationship through the celebration of successful joint endeavours in addition to raising the international recognition of their projects.

Scope of projects

The project nominated must relate to the discipline of Management Consultancy.
This comprises the following kinds of projects:

• Business analysis and strategy development • Strategic corporate planning • Support in the foundation of an enterprise as well as corporate succession • Business valuation • Feasibility studies, check of due diligence • Mergers and acquisitions consulting • Management buy out • Business administration • Reorganisation, turn around and crisis management • Project management • Development of marketing concepts and strategies • Corporate identity, corporate design, concepts for corporate culture • Development of organisation concepts and strategies • Development of concepts and strategies concerning logistics • Projects in the field of environmental management • Concepts of controlling systems • Corporate management and planning • Development and organisation of corporate accounting systems • Consultancy in the field of financial and investment planning • Capital procurement, liquidity management and management of funding • Commercial office organization • Projects in the field of human resources • Projects including aspects of marketing and organization.

How to participate in the Constantinus European Award?

Participating National Institutes are invited to nominate up to three projects that they consider worthy of the prize, as follows: Primarily, the nominees of the Constantinus European Award will be the winners of national consulting awards. For Institutes not providing national consulting awards, the consulting practices can submit their project to their national Institute for internal evaluation within the Institute. It is with the Institute to decide whether or not this project is nominated to the international prize.

Evaluation and jury

Evaluation criteria for the jury are the following aspects of a project:

•Commercial performance: revenue/profit impact, process improvement, productivity increase, effectiveness of organizational changes

•Strategic strength: market performance and impact, innovation, development and qualification improvements of the company and its human resources

•Quality of consulting/solution: creativity of solutions and methods, customer satisfaction, satisfaction of participating partners and their employees, quality of documents, change management and project management

•Efficiency: price/performance, cost control, speed of execution, long-term effects, replicability, organization and quality of international cooperation

•International: creation and security of jobs, effects on regional and national economy, compliance with development programs, etc.

The jury will be composed out of international experts in the field of management consultancy as well as of prominent representatives of successful businesses. Each participating country has the right to name up to two members of the jury.

For further informations and details about this topic, please visit Constantinus European Award website