FEACO Procurement Committee

This Committee has been running for more than 15 years and is dedicated to follow all activities that the International Financing Institutions (IFI’s) drive around Development Aid financing, policies and more particularly their related procurement procedures. The Committee is composed of large and medium consulting companies representatives of the sector and recognized as a discussion partner by the IFI’s.

During the various EU PRAG reforms - i.e. the Practical Guide of DG DEVCO which describes the procurement processes procedures to apply to European Union external aid contracts - FEACO has been very active organizing meetings, drafting comments or position papers and proposing changes. Other development issues such as budget support, blending, private sector involvement into Development Aid have also been addressed within the Committee.

The EU remains the first World aid donor with a spending programme that grants about €56bn to Development Aid for the period 2014 to 2020. However, co-financing, blending, delegated management, PPP and other schemes for raising and levering aid involves now all donors and lenders at both multinational and bilateral levels. As recent examples, both EIB in Luxembourg and AFD in Paris have recently reorganized and increased their portfolios, technical assistance programmes and their annual development budget.

In this increasing procurement complexity in a global and multilateral environment, combined with the recent migrations and refugees crisis, it is necessary for the Consulting industry to tackle with those rapid changes and to remain – at source - a credible partner to IFI’S.

Activities of the FEACO Procurement Committee (formerly ECIC):

  • Follow trends in development policies and procurement procedures;
  • Anticipate changes in Development Aid policies and related procurement procedures;
  • Dialogue and advocate industry’s voice and feedbacks towards policies or procurement changes;
  • Awareness raising of the industry towards International Financing Institutions;
  • Meeting regularly top officials from IFI’S for informal meetings;
  • Draft positions papers and co-chair meetings with EFCA (www.efcanet.orgto share also with the EU Member States representations. Represent FEACO to EFCA External Aid Committee.



            -         ADB: reforms procurement process to ‘work smarter’(DEVEX)

-         AFD : France to reform aid program, increase annual development budget by 4 billion euros (DEVEX)

-         Statistics of Development Aid in 2014 (OCDE)

-         EU: Over €31.5 billion of funding for EU development cooperation with ACP countries for the period 2014-2020 (DEVCO)


The Committee is currently chaired by Didier WYNROCX, supported by Raphaƫl ZAYAT.

FEACO Procurement Committee Meetings are held in Brussels on invitation only. You can contact the Chairman of the Committee for any further information at EUgroup@feaco.org