The Profession

Management consultancy is an attractive career, which attracts individuals from varied backgrounds, across all ages.

It offers a variety of projects, constant challenge and opportunities for personal development. In a large practice, this may involve working all over the world with multinational clients.

For all those who are interested in a career as management consultant the Feaco provides a brief overview of this profession. You will find some explanations about the profession and the industry and tips for starting a job in management consultancy or setting up your own consultancy company.


What is the role of management consultants?

Our member WKO from Austria has defined the role of managements consultants.

Functions of business consultants encompass comprehensive analysis of organizations and their surroundings, development of resolution recommendations and their concrete implementation through counseling, realization and intervention. Further, guidance counseling and communications processes are provided within the organizations and as well as for their external market operations.

The following job profile is based on historical perceptions and expectations of companies that had retained consultants, as well as current consultants’ perceptions of their roles and responsibilities in business consulting. The job profile illustrates responsibilities, roles and the scope of functions along with reference to legal and ethical standards. Of course this is a snap-shot of the present-day and will dynamically evolve just like the rest of the business world.

 Download the job profile here