Recent Trends

Management consultancy is a rapidly changing world where new players, disciplines and capabilities are continuously being integrated into the profession; where borders are continuously expanded and horizons recede until our trade becomes a global network of businesses, covering a wide spectrum of areas that only a few years ago had not yet been imagined. Recently more than ever, the world has shown itself to be a place of never-ending and accelerated change. It is the challenge of management consultants to garner from change an advantage for their clients. The consulting industry itself also continues to evolve with the addition of new players and services that enter the industry and challenge the status quo, causing even some long-established players and familiar names to disappear or become condensed through mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, new financial structures have developed and become indispensable for continued competitivity, leveraging capital markets away from the traditional partnerships. With ongoing processes of Europeanisation and globalisation, management consulting companies have to think big, both for their clients and for themselves. Now more than ever, smaller companies are obliged to look for partners and develop networks to be in a position to achieve the internationally oriented ambitions of their clients.