State of the Industry Barometer

The current edition of the Feaco Business Climate Index shows an overall positive market assessment of participants in Q3 2021. Currently, the Feaco barometer stands at an index value of 43.9, showing that the management consultants are more optimistic than at the beginning of the year and that the crisis because of Covid has been overcome.

The best mood currently prevails among Spanish management consultancies. Consultants from Romania are the least optimistic about the market in the coming quarter.

The study also shows that the topics of sustainability and CSR are becoming increasingly important for the consulting firms. Currently, only few CO2 emissions are being compensated, but a look into the future shows a high commitment, especially in the next three to six years.

The Feaco barometer is quarterly and factors in the actual data obtained from the Feaco member countries France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy and Romania.


Download the actual barometer here.

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