Contribution to Aid effectiveness: the role of consultancy industry. The first FEACO workshop at the European Development Day (EDD) EDD13

Contribution to Aid effectiveness: the role of consultancy industry
The first FEACO workshop at the European Development Day (EDD) EDD13
Brussels, 26 November (14:00–16:00)

Mercedes Sanchez Varela (FEACO EU group chair and KPMG – EU Office partner) moderates the event.

The organization of the European consultancy industry in terms of size, sectors, number of employees and role of the management consulting industry as key contributor for change will be presented by Ezio Lattanzio, FEACO Chairperson. ( 

Four topics related to EDD agenda and implemented by representatives of the consulting industry are the back-bone of the workshop.

The 2013 Change Readiness Index (CRI), an index to measure the capability of 90 countries to manage changes and cultivate the resulting opportunities will be commented by Stephen Blakeley (KMPG – UK). We hope that over time CRI will evolve to become a key tool that provides reliable, independent, and robust information to support the work of governments, civil society institutions, businesses, and the international development community.

Tristan Dhondt (Ernest and Young Transaction Advisory Services Partner) explains case studies for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects implemented by EY. Blending EU Funds with PPPs is – in a financial perspective - an extra effort that requires both in depth knowledge (mainly legislative and relevant for EU directives as well as for the EU states’ local regulations) and parallel practical skills in applying PPPs. Tristan will elaborate pros and cons.

How ICT contributes to improve access and quality of education in Africa is pivotal to the presentation of Roberto Carpano (Partner Lattanzio Group) . Other and above well designed projects, Roberto will tackle how to overcome: “technology shy”, inefficiencies when it comes to using PC to deliver e-learning, cost and access to PC, erratic power supplies and inadequate internet facilities etc

Eric Tourrès (Executive Director Transtec) describes the role of the consulting industry in Fragile and Conflict Affected States as contribution towards a democratic agenda. The consulting industry is fully engaged alongside with civil society organizations and governments into providing, implementing and delivering practical tools and solutions that lays down the foundation for building stable and democratic states. The presentation will demonstrate how synergies are promoted between the various actors.

Donors and beneficiaries representatives will join the debate.

The scenario

European Development Days (EDD) is the gathering of European development practitioners and their partners worldwide. Its aim is to win the hearts and minds of all stakeholders, fostering engagement and facilitating the implementation of the agenda for greater aid effectiveness. The forum is also a key date for the diary and a unique opportunity to communicate widely on the concrete results of European development cooperation efforts.

EDD is now at 7th editions with more than 1,800 international speakers. Some 6,000 people and 1,500 organizations and stakeholders from the development community will be brought together on an equal footing over two days, in the true spirit of partnership. 

Against this scenario, FEACO for the first time is accredited to EDD13 as member of the stakeholders community together with organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and other relevant player of the international arena.

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