FEACO workshop at the European Development Days (EDD) EDD13 – Brussels, 26 November 2013


FEACO workshop at the European Development Days (EDD) EDD13 – Brussels, 26 November 2013.
The European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations is accredited as a member of the stakeholder community.
The scenario
The European Development Days (EDD) is a gathering of European development practitioners and their partners worldwide. Its aim is to win the hearts and minds of all stakeholders, fostering engagement and facilitating the implementation of an agenda for greater aid effectiveness. This forum is also a key calendar date and unique opportunity to communicate widely regarding the concrete results achieved by European development cooperation efforts.
EDD is now in its 7th edition, with more than 1,800 international speakers participating. Some 6,000 people and 1,500 organizations and stakeholders from the development community will be brought together on an equal footing over the two days, engaging in a true spirit of partnership. 
FEACO is the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations and consultative body to the European Commission. For the first time, FEACO will participate in EDD13 as an accredited member of the stakeholder community, together with other significant players in the international arena.
The workshop
To contribute to EDD13, FEACO is organizing a workshop focusing on  the “Role and contribution  of Management Consultancy organizations to the development process”.
The EC and European Union (EU) member states together have committed almost half of the total Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the world. The EC alone committed in 2012 almost 9 billion Euros, out of which, approximately 2 billion Euros for services. A key goal to pursue is greater openness in relation to the market for qualified consulting. Currently, the prerequisites for participation in calls for tender excludes many consultancies that would be able to deliver concrete results. “This comes at the expense of the European Commission and the beneficiary subjects in particular” - comments FEACO Chairperson Ezio Lattanzio - “not to mention the concrete outcomes of the initiatives”. The workshop will present the FEACO perspective and examples of implemented projects with respect to the topics of EDD13.
This issue and others will be discussed at the workshop scheduled to take place in the afternoon of November 26th.
Get registered
If you are interested in attending this important event, please be sure to register no later than November 1st 2013.
Registration availability is limited. 
More information is available at www.feaco.org.
Contact information:
Head of the FEACO EU Group
Mercedez Sanchez Varela msanchezvarela@kpmg.com
Delegate of the FEACO chairperson
Roberto Carpano