A task force for the promotion of the Standard prEN 16114 «Management Consultancy Services»

A task force led by Laura Arsenis (FEACO) and Brian Ing (ICMCI) has been established to work on the marketing plan for the promotion of the Standard prEN 16114 «Management Consultancy Services».

The purpose of the task force is to consider and propose methods and activities to increase the awareness and the usefulness of the standard, to facilitate the understanding of the benefits of the standard, to encourage the profession and its institutions to use the standard, to support a professional image of management consultancy in Europe and to establish relationships to relevant stakeholders.

The first meeting of the group took place on January 27th in Brussels. During the meeting three categories of stakeholders were identified: institutions, buyers and the Management Consultancy Services Providers. Furthermore, the interests and objectives of the stakeholders were identified.

It was decided that the group will elaborate the necessary marketing materials for the promotion of the standard on the European level. National associations will be free to use the material as they see fit. In collaboration with CEN the group will also organize a launching event in Brussels by the end of 2011.