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The Constantinus Europe Award 2015 took place in Greece.

The third Constantinus Europe Award was handed out on the 15th of October in Athens, Greece.

The dynamic branch of management consulting is an important sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs - especially, when precise expertise and efficient implementation of measures are in demand. "Naturally, the quality of the consulting sector relies heavily on the innovative strengths of the consultants themselves. This is why FEACO has initiated the Constantinus European Award in order to give a prominent stage to all the excellent accomplishments of the branch", states Ezio Lattanzio, chairperson of FEACO.

The primary objective of establishing this award is the promotion of individual outstanding consulting projects not only nationally, but also in Europe. The Constantinus European Award should also serve as a platform for international cooperation in the field. For the nominees, this award will figure an important tool for strengthening the client-consultant-relationship through the celebration of successful joint endeavours in addition to raising the international recognition of their projects.

"The European Constantinus Award honours the beacons of the management consultancy & IT branch on the Europan level and promotes cross-border competition through international comparison", outlines Alfred Harl, Chair Constantinus European, the uniqueness of this award for the European management consultancy and IT branch.

Gold medal for Greece, silver for Austria and Greece;

From all the projects submitted an international expert jury chose the nominees and, in turn, the National Champions as well as the winners from these entries. This year’s National Champions are the Austrian Advicum Consulting GmbH, the Spanish everis spain sl and the Greek EUROCONSULTANTS S.A.

This year’s Gold Medal went to the Greek Champion EUROCONSULTANTS S.A. for upgrading and rationalizing the Country’s Fisheries Commercial Chain in the Sultanate of Oman.

Key elements of the Project were the effective handling and commercialization of fisheries from production, to wholesaling, to retailing and to final consumption. The support of domestic consumption and exports as well as strengthening the competitiveness of the Country’s fisheries industry were part of the strategy. In Addition EUROCONSULTANTS S.A. recommended a new legal entity (the Oman Fisheries Services Company -OFSC), designed its structure, operations and capacity to effectively administer and supervise the operations of the proposed new commercial system.

The first of two Silver Medals went to Austrian Champion Advicum Consulting GmbH for the successful restructuring of the globally operating, family-owned company Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG (MTC) as interim CEO and CRO. After a „Planinsolvenz“ or self-administrated insolvency in 2009 Advicum Consulting GmbH took over to turn around the business. Departments were merged, the vacant spaces leased. Moreover, processes were streamlined and in some divisions productivity was increased by 100%. Also the scrap rate was reduced significantly.Today, MCT is again the clear global market leader! The second Silver medal went to Price Water House Coopers & TEC Business Solutions S.A. from Greece. The company developed a proposal for a new organizational structure of the Hellenic post S.A. (ELTA).

The Key elements of the strategy were developing direct interventions, in order to halting the downward path in revenues (crash program), internal reorganization and developing new products.



Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth (MOAFW) of the Sultanate of Oman

Project: Strategy for the Establishment of a Fish Marketing – Trading Company/ Organization in the Sultanate of Oman. Managing the County’s Fisheries Wealth.


Participant: Advicum Consulting GmbH

Client: Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

Project: Successful restructuring of a globally operating, family-owned company as interim CEO and CRO.


Participant: Price Water House Coopers & TEC Business Solutions S.A.

Client: Hellenic post S.A. (ELTA)

Project: Proposal for a new organizational structure; Strategic & Operational Planning of Hellenic Post S.A. 2013-2017 – Crash Program 2013-2014


You may find pictures of the Award Cerimony 2015 on the website of Constantinus Award


For the second time, the Constantinus Award, was presented at the FEACO Annual Conference held 29th - 30th  May 2014 in Madrid, under the banner of ‘Growth through Innovation’, which provided a platform for discussing innovation potentials in management consultancy and was festively highlighted by the second awarding of the European Constantinus Award.

‘The European Constantinus Award honours the beacons of the management consultancy & IT branch on the European level and promotes cross-border competition through international comparison’, outlines Alfred Harl, Chairman of the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy and IT (UBIT) and member of the FEACO executive board, the uniqueness of this award for the European management consultancy and IT branch.

European Constantinus Award Winner from Spain

The winner project ‚New Order Project’ by the management consultancy Accenture comes from Spain and shows a successfully introduced centralised order management system optimizing costs and the daily order entry. All three silver trophies went to Austria: CMT & Co developed a marketing & investment fund concept for entec biogas plants, Loytec implemented an energy efficiency model at Sony City Osaki and Weichselbaum Consulting established a demand-oriented production concept for Sampl. 

For the first time regional winners for Spain (Accenture), Austria (CMT & Co) and Romania (SC Relians Corp SRL) were awarded national Championship awards by Alfred Harl and Ricardo Penalva, member of the FEACO executive board. 

Among the international representatives: Manuel Pimentel, President of the Spanish Association of Consulting Firms, Sorin Caian, President of the Rumanian Association of Management Consultancy, Pantelis Koukos, President of the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms, David Ifrah, Secretary General at FEACO and Bettina Fritschi, Director of the Swiss Association of Management Consultancy.

Constantinus Award goes worldwide

The initiator of the Award Presentation, UBIT-chairman Alfred Harl, solemnly presented the winners with the trophies and defined the European Constantinus Award as a significant signpost for outstanding consulting projects from Europe: ‚The Consulting Award from Austria continues its success story and highlights the economic importance of the European consulting industry and knowledge-based service industries.‘ On the worldwide level, the global association ICMCI will present the Constantinus Award already for the the fifth time this autumn in South Korea.


You may find photos of this event on the website of Constantinus Award 


Fondazione Irso, the Italian research and consultancy company founded by Federico Butera in 1974, has won the 2012 Constantinus European Award, the honor developed within FEACO to draw attention to best practices and promote the sharing of initiatives. The Constantinus award recognizes Irso’s organizationalproject involving the court and voluntary jurisdiction system of Monza. Two Spanish firms were recognized as the runners-up: Everis, in recognition of a customer satisfaction project carried out for Repsol Gas, and IBM Global Business Services Spain for its work in transforming utility processes in Malta.

The award ceremony took place at the conclusion of the international FEACO conference, which was held in conjunction with the general meeting of management consulting from June 20th to the 21st in Rome. The prize was accepted by Sebastiano Di Guardo from Irso together with Claudio Miele, president of the Civil division of the Lombardy court. “I am honored,” declared Miele,“to receive this  important award, which inspires us to keep moving forward.” FEACO Chairman Ezio Lattanzio reminded attendees that submissions will be accepted beginning in September for next year’s award and that the next winner will be announced at the 2014 FEACO meeting to be held in Madrid; he described the prize as “an important recognition for highlighting best practices, sharing initiatives and identifying benchmarks.”

For more than three years Irso worked to support the Monza court system and public prosecutor’s office in their organizational development plan aimed at achieving greater efficiency and transparency and developing an innovative organizational paradigm that functions without the need for additional resources or regulatory changes. The consulting project directed by Federico Butera and Maurizio Carbognin was funded as part of a larger Best Practices program launched by the European Union, the Public Administration and Justice Ministries and 19 Italian Regions and involving 186 judicial offices both large and small.

“InnovaGiustizia” was the name given to the first of these programs aimed at reorganizing Judicial Offices as part of a public notice issued  by the Lombardy Region involving the Judicial Offices of Milan, Monza, Varese, Crema, Cremona, Brescia and Lecco and supported by a temporary collaborative association among the consulting firms Fondazione Politecnico, Fondazione IRSO, Fondazione Alma Mater, Certet Bocconi, Lattanzio e Associati and Ernst & Young.

As Federico Butera explains,“The model developed within the Monza project is capable of resolving the fragmentation that has historically characterized judicial offices: the main features of this model are a high degree of integration between the courts and public prosecutor’s office, between magistrates and clerks of the court, and between the courts and third parties (the public, legal profession and stakeholders); the development of roles oriented toward outcomes; the reinforcement of competencies and organizational skills among judges and administrative personnel; raising levels of responsibility among the personnel in terms of not only providing services but in managing them as well; and the generation of change agents. Indeed, fosteringorganizational change can continue after the consulting project itself has ended because new structures such as a Planning and Innovation Office have been established; a body safeguarding inter-institutional relations and a Foundation to promote Justice.”

Irso presented one project area in particular that offers a good illustration of the Monza project’s methods and results, namely the work carried out in relation to voluntary jurisdiction. This project area is especially socially significant in that it concerns the measures established to help protect vulnerable subjects, disabled people and the elderly. Developed thanks to the consultancy of Sebastiano Di Guardo and under the supervision of Claudio Miele, chairman of the Civil division,this project was implemented inter-institutionally with the participation of the court system as well as the Province, the local health authority, local municipalities, the lawyer’s association and relevant volunteers’ associations through a highly functionalJustice Roundtable. Butera goes on to specify that “it was developed around the needs of citizens through the creation of a network of volunteers involved in providing integrated and high-qualityjustice system services. The voluntary jurisdiction project is an example of bottom-up participatory change management and the integration of processes, technology, organizations, roles and forms of knowledge that has been able to achieve significant results without introducing new laws or drawing on additional resources. These solutions and methods represent a contemporary best case that other Italian court systems are using as a model.”

Furthermore, the project was granted an additional important recognition. At the National Research Council (CNR) on Friday, June 25th  the chairman Nicolais and Minister of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) Carrozza presented the National Innovation Award to Giuseppe Airò, judge and coordinator of Monza Project, on behalf of the Judicial Offices of Monza, one of only two public administrations to be selected for this honor together with Finmeccanica, Enel, Eni, important medium-sized businesses and brilliant startups. Directly afterward, President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano shook hands with the winners and gave a powerful speech about innovation and research in Italy.


To view the video of the ceremony, please, click here.