FEACO EU Commissions

FEACO is closely involved in following the activities that drive the European Institutions and is particularly keen to engage with the European Commission and the European Parliament notably.

To voice our views of the consultancy to the EU institutions, FEACO has created various Commission or Working Groups that strive to understand EU policies, to monitor major EU regulations and participate to EU consultations and experts panels to engage actively in a constructive EU dialogue. FEACO is also registered in the European Transparency Initiative (ETI).

All EU activities are coordinated by Juan Garay, FEACO Ex-Co member and on an operational base by Mercedes Sanchez Varela, as head of the FEACO EU Group based in Brussels.



This commission, to be launched during 2013, will follow all major regulatory developments that are impacting our way of doing business locally and internationally. Major issues that will concentrate our efforts will be around:


This Committee has been running for more than 15 years and is dedicated to follow all activities that the International Financing Institutions (IFI’s) drive around Development Aid financing, policies and more particularly their related procurement procedures. The Committee is composed.